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Ethiopia KAIZEN Institute

Welcome to Ethiopia KAIZEN Institute!
You can down load files related KAIZEN Seminar from the following links.

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KAIZEN Seminar in A.A. on 27 November, 2012

KAIZEN Basics (by Mr. Bekalu)
5S & Elimination of 7 Muda (by Mr. Samson)
Quality Control Circle (by Mr. Seblewongel)
The Need for KAIZEN (by Dr. Fasil)
Experiences of KAIZEN & Example of AAU (by Mr. Maimer)
Experiences of KAIZEN (by Mr. Biruk)
Case Studies of KAIZEN in Enterprises (Pasqua Guiseppe, Mr. Henock)
Case Studies of KAIZEN in Enterprises & KAIZEN Examples (Excel Plastic, Mr. Kassahun)

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EKI (Ethiopian KAIZEN Institute)

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